#BESMART: 5 Vital Things to Know About Minorities & Education

#BESMART: Check Out This Special Portal for Minority Students, Educators and Parents

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With a strong interest in improving the educational opportunities for minority students, and helping to keep the conversation going about what needs to be done to educate and cultivate the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs, Black Enterprise has launched BE Smart. Serving as a multi-platform approach to bring together different stakeholders in the education market to discuss ways to address issues in the K-12 and post-secondary education sector, as well as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), public policy and business, BE Smart is an outgrowth of our powerful “Today’s Business Crisis: Educating Tomorrow’s Workforce” symposium, which we produced in conjunction with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

From providing information that’s helpful to students, parents, teachers, business leaders, and anyone who has a say or interest in today’s education market, below are five reasons why BE Smart is your go-to source for where the conversation on education continues.

1. We provide the latest news/statistics affecting the academic achievement of black and brown students: Be it a new study or report, a new president appointed at an HBCU, or a major business/celebrity partnering with an organization to provide educational opportunities for young black scholars, we at BE Smart have you covered.

2. We provide insight on how to make college affordable: We talk to experts, authors, and business leaders about the importance of financial literacy and the role it plays in helping students graduate college with little to no debt.

3. We highlight academic achievements of young, black scholars: Whether it ‘s a young scholar who has just been accepted into all eight Ivy League schools, or a young teen who has beat the odds to achieve academic success, we do our best to celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of our young scholars.

4. We talk to business leaders, entrepreneurs, and presidents from some of the nation’s top education organizations: In order to best find out how we can educate the next generation of leaders, we go straight to the source and ask those who are leading top industries today about how important it is to provide young students of color with the proper educational tools to succeed in a competitive workforce.

5. We keep the conversation around Common Core going: At BE Smart we believe that an equal education playing field is necessary for all students, not just some, in order to make sure every child has a fair shot at being a successful leader in tomorrow’s workforce.

To stay up to date on our latest content and to remain in the conversation, visit blackenterprise.com/besmart and follow the #BeSmart hashtag on twitter today.