5 Tech Leaders Who Are Not All That

5 Tech Leaders Who Are Not All That


2. Marissa Mayer:

The CEO of Yahoo got her start in tech as one of the only female engineers during the beginning of Google. Touted early on as an example of women achieving in tech, she has since been besieged by criticism for running a floundering company that is now trying to sell off assets just to stay afloat.

Mayer has been further scrutinized for what many see as tone-deaf leadership and excessive spending on the unnecessary. She is reported to have spent $70,000 on a Wizard of Oz holiday theme party; installed a nursery in her office when she was expecting while no longer allowing employees to telecommute; and reported a $4.4 billion revenue loss last quarter.

She remains an object of fascination for the media, appearing on the cover of Vogue. Recently, a controversial cartoon depiction of Mayer appeared on the cover of Variety, showing Mayer staggering under the weight of a cross on her shoulders.

Despite the problems, Mayer is set to receive $37 million if Yahoo is sold and she gets fired.