5 Reasons Summer is the Best Time for Your Job Search

5 Reasons Summer is the Best Time for Your Job Search

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It’s hot, the daylight hours are longer, and the vacations begin to rev up. Summer is the perfect season for leisure and play after toiling through the colder winter and fall seasons.

But it’s also a great time for job seeking, providing an avenue to grind while others are winding down. Companies are gearing up for their next quarter and will be looking for new candidates to work after the summer is over.

Writer Sarah Stackhouse gives five reasons summer isn’t just best for beach vacations and leisure time, but for ultimate job-seeking success:

Longer daylight hours means less time crunch: Remember in December when you left work and it was pitch black outside? Talk about sleep-inducing!

Longer daylight hours trick our biological clocks into thinking we have more time. In an article explaining the added benefits of “Springing Forward,” Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune writes, “There’s nothing we want more in life than time, and light feels like time.”

So use all that extra time to rework your resume and go for a run all before dark.  No more choosing between the two!

Summer screams happy hour: When the weather gets nice, everyone goes outside to drink, which provides the perfect excuse to attend as many networking functions as possible. Summer = social.

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