5 Hot Health & Wellness Podcasts for Busy Entrepreneurs
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5 Hot Health & Wellness Podcasts for Busy Entrepreneurs


PodcastsPodcasts aren’t anything new, but in recent years the resurgence in popularity of Web shows can be likened to the golden era of radio. Recent research shows that the medium has seen steady growth in the past few years, with listeners almost doubling since 2008 and more Americans aware of podcasts being available for download.

Just like your favorite music, add a few podcasts to your morning or evening playlist to keep you motivated, help you spark a new health journey or adopt better habits to balance out those boss moves. Beyond your usual comedy, hip-hop and gossip shows, take a listen to these five options to get you ‘jump started:’

TEDTalks Health

This podcast features insights on the latest medical breakthrough and tips on health habits from top doctors and researchers. You can listen to live talks onstage from the TED conference, TEDx events and partner events around the world. One great thing about TEDTalks’ offerings is that you can gain perspective on where all innovation, motivation, and inspiration starts: in the brain.

Becoming SuperHuman

You can listen to interviews with a diverse roster of industry experts on subjects including wellness, health, efficiency and other topics that align with the entrepreneur host’s mission to “create informative and high-quality content that helps people overcome commonly accepted limitations.” Guests, which include best-selling authors, fitness entrepreneurs and industry leaders, describe their personal journey and how they were able to perform at their maximum in their fields and reach goals in their lives.


This podcast also features interviews with women entrepreneurs on various subjects including wellness, and is specifically for women bosses who seek balance and serenity. This one is for women, by a woman, and touches on topics specific to women’s issues.

Trust and Believe: Shaun T

Shaun T is a fitness phenom with popular infomercials, DVDs and a brand that’s known globally, and this podcast is an extension of those offerings. He talks about life issues and how health and wellness plays into his daily life. Many of his podcasts are informative and motivating, and the candid insights are definitely great for getting a mental and physical boost.

Brown Vegan

You can learn all about the vegan lifestyle, recipes and others who have decided to give up animal and dairy products. The host, Monique, a business strategist who also shares why she decided to go vegan, her health challenges, and triumphs and tips for those who find even the idea of it all overwhelming.