5 Follow-Worthy Female Bloggers: Blogger Week 2015

5 Follow-Worthy Female Bloggers Featured at Blogger Week 2015

(Image: bloggerweek.com)
(Image: bloggerweek.com)

GG Renee Hill is an independent author, blogger, and creativity coach under the influence of three children and a passion for soulful living. She is a self-described feeler and over-thinker who relishes her quiet time and believes in miracles. Her writing celebrates all the many layers that make women the beautiful contradictions that they are.

Her blog, All the Many Layers, is a resource for women who crave meaning, honest dialogue, and inspiration for the joys and challenges they face every day. Through her coaching practice, she guides women to channel their emotions into creative works and express themselves shamelessly. Since she quit her corporate job in 2013, she has published two books and created several e-books and self-discovery courses. Her work has been spotlighted by xoJane, Total Beauty, Curly Nikki, Carol’s Daughter, Clutch Magazine, and several other online publications.