5 Follow-Worthy Female Bloggers: Blogger Week 2015

5 Follow-Worthy Female Bloggers Featured at Blogger Week 2015

(Image: bloggerweek.com)
(Image: bloggerweek.com)

Alexandra Elle, more frequently known as Alex Elle, has made an immense impact on women, both of her generation and beyond. She has quickly gained recognition for her candid, honest words, most notably in her acclaimed debut book, Words from a Wanderer. Elle is also a natural hair blogger, jewelry designer, and poet. Her poetry and prose are frank, derived from real life experiences and the raw human emotions in which everyone can relate. “I’ve always been a writer,” she admits, “I found myself in writing my truth.”

She began sharing her personal thoughts on popular Web platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr) and quickly developed a strong following. Soon she found herself repeatedly faced with the same request: to compile her writings into a book. And so with the push from her growing online community, Words from a Wanderer was born, a collection of empowering notes and love poems. Self-published in spring 2013, the book cracked Amazon’s Bestseller Top 100 list for poetry, a truly remarkable achievement for a first-time independent author.