48. PrimeSource FSE - Black Enterprise

48. PrimeSource FSE

PrimeSource FSE was originally launched in 1986 as PepsiCo Food Systems — a division of PepsiCo Inc. The food service supplier was created to support KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell franchises worldwide. In 1997, the PepsiCo Inc. affiliate was acquired by AmeriServe and renamed PrimeSource FSE in 2000.

Since 2003, Fritzi Woods has served as president & CEO and grown the company to $103 million in revenues.

Today, PrimeSource is the 10th largest food service equipment and supplies distributor in the world. The Dallas-based company provides a variety of products from signage and awnings to seating and decor for more than 20,000 restaurant chains in more than 40 countries.