4 Ways to Use Snapchat to Your Business Advantage

4 Ways to Use Snapchat to Your Business Advantage

(Image: Maurizio Pesce)

Snapchat, the shiny social media platform, has consumers and marketers itching to exploit it. Don’t get me wrong: As a digital marketer, I understand the need to test-drive the latest in social media offerings, and Snapchat is one of the platforms I have been eyeing closely and playing around with. In fact, just viewing the feeds of popular Snapchatters–I’m talking about you, DJ Khaled–I have seen firsthand that Snapchat can be a great place for small business owners to gain their footing.

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Snapchat is also one of the fastest growing platforms for millennials. According to expandedramblings.com, 30% of millennials use the platform on a daily basis. With over 100 million daily snaps happening on the platform, why not use Snapchat to humanize your brand, expand your business, and show your playful side?

If you’re looking to add Snapchat to your digital footprint, check out these marketing strategies.

1. Go Behind the Scenes. Share some of the personal or intricate details of your brand or business, and let your audience be a part of the story. If you’re hosting an event, be sure to take your followers on the journey. Say you’re a makeup artist working a wedding; share your expertise with your followers with some before-and-after shots. Do you use a special method to clean your makeup brushes? It might be worth snapping.

2. Share Your Collections. Are you an avid sports fan, or do you have a collection of Pokémon plush toys? What are some things people would be surprised to find out about you and your business? Believe it or not, sharing this kind of information humanizes your brand and offers another way to connect with your products or services that’s less salesy!

3. A Day in the Life. How about enlisting one of your interns or assistants to share what their workday is like? The White House Snapchat did a fine job showcasing what work life is like through the lens of its interns.



4. Offer Coupons. Incentivize your followers with coupons and discounts. Encourage your followers to share snaps of themselves using your products or services, and send them a promo code or discount in exchange. It’s a simple way to track ROI.

These are just a few ways you can use Snapchat to increase brand awareness. Be sure to cross-promote your snaps on other social media platforms to extend their life. For example, edit your snaps and add them to your YouTube channel, or download them and create a blog series. The possibilities are endless. Think outside the box: What would you want your favorite personality or brand to share with you?

Does your business use Snapchat? In what innovative ways are you using the social media platform? Share in the comments.