4. TAG Holdings L.L.C. - Black Enterprise

4. TAG Holdings L.L.C.

When TAG Holdings L.L.C. made its debut on the BE Industrial/Service Companies list in 2002 it ranked No. 63. At that time, the Troy, Michigan-based minority supplier had recently marked its milestone one year anniversary with $59 million in sales.

In just seven years, the global manufacturer and service solutions conglomerate has shown superior growth in both rank and in sales. TAG’s 2008 revenues reached $752 million and the company has moved up 59 places to break into the top five on the 2009 BE Industrial/Service Companies list.

With offices across the United States and Asia, TAG manufactures revolutionary automotive, consumer appliance, and plumbing industry products to its major customers including: Chrysler, Honda, Kohler, Moen, and Samsung.