4 Must-Have Tools to Make Boss Moves

4 Must-Have Tools to Make Boss Moves

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

So you know you can be great. You’re a leader. You’ve got the right ideas. But you need the tools to actually execute and success. Well, check out a few things every young boss on the come up worth their salt never leaves home without:

1. A blog (or a notebook, if you wish)
This is not a blog to host all of your brilliant political treatises or poetry. It’s a place to end a stressful, awful, never-coming-back work day or to celebrate your greatest, I-am-the-smartest-woman-alive triumphs.

Which is to say that this is not a public blog. I always wondered what in the world was the point of the “private” setting on WordPress–why commit my priceless thoughts to the internet without unleashing my genius onto the world?–until a friend told me that he keeps a work blog to help him reflect on his work days.

If you’re like me and you think that the word “reflect” sounds too gooey, think of it as an assessment instead. For even just five minutes at the end of a work day, ask yourself what you did that day that worked and what you did that completely blew up in your face. Thinking about it and writing it down can make these lessons stick far better than just noticing and moving on.

Did it work better to do all of your email catching up at 10:30 a.m. instead of right when you got into the office? Write it down. Can you never remember the precise way the accounting department wants your expense reports done? Write it down and bookmark it.

A notebook, of course, can serve exactly the same purpose, but you’re already here on the Internet, so you might as well poke around on a site like Blogspot, WordPress or Blogger–and learn a new skill in the meantime. Plus, you can give your personal blog any sort of ridiculous, neon-green-with-blue-flashing-letters theme your heart desires.

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