4 Brands Winning With Mobile Marketing Strategies

4 Brands Winning With Mobile Marketing Strategies

With 82% of smartphone users turning to their devices to help them make a product decision, and 67% of smartphone shoppers switching to a competitor’s site if the checkout process takes too long, according to a Google consumer study, mobile web optimization should be a large part of your marketing strategy.

AdWeek.com compiled a list of the four brands that are winning customers and moving the sales needle with mobile marketing.

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Red Roof Inn: An estimated 90,000 travelers are stranded every day from canceled flights. So the hotel chain and 360i ran a mobile search campaign targeting folks scrambling to find a nearby hotel . . . ”

The result: A 60% increase in last-minute bookings. The campaign also was a winner in Adweek’s ‘Project Isaac Awards,’ honoring inventive marketing.

Home Depot: When people need help tiling a bathroom floor or building a patio, they’re far more likely to watch a video on a smartphone than a desktop. With that in mind, Home Depot has published hundreds of do-it-yourself videos on YouTube.

The result: More than 43 million YouTube views, with the top 10 videos each generating a million or more views.

Walmart: Speed is everything in e-commerce. Last year, Walmart’s mobile site took 7.2 seconds to load. That may seem like a small window of time, but it was slow enough to send a significant number of shoppers elsewhere. To speed up load time, Walmart changed its site’s fonts, images, and code.

The result: The big-box retailer cut its load time from 7.2 seconds to 2.9 seconds this year. Each second shaved off reportedly boosted conversions by 2%.

Realtor.com: A real estate website might seem like a strange brand for actress Elizabeth Banks to endorse, but the brand found a creative way for her to convey its message through online video. Banks created a five-part YouTube series that walks first-time homeowners through the steps of buying a house.

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