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3 Ways to Snag More Blog Opportunities

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My favorite thing about blogging is that there are so many opportunities everywhere. So many that taking advantage of them all becomes the problem — not a lack of them.

The fact that there are so many is also what is so overwhelming. While I love a good challenge that gets the blood pumping and keeps the mind sharp, too many challenges can give you high blood pressure and cause your mind to lapse.

There’s always something going on- if you listen carefully, not a day will go by that you won’t read about opportunities such as freelance blogging job alerts, joint venture and teaming opportunities, giveaways and guest posting contests.

But it can become extremely frustrating trying to keep up with all of the opportunities floating around in the blogosphere. The solution, however, is not to let yourself get so overwhelmed that you no longer pay attention to those opportunities. You don’t want to get to a place where you’re ignoring everything, but you do need to find a balance.

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