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3 Ways to Achieve Your Financial New Year’s Resolution In Just 30 Days

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3. Get started now

Why wait until January 1, April 15, or some other arbitrary date in the future to begin fixing your finances? Start taking charge of your money matters today just by adopting this motto: “Think-Do.”

Simply put, it means when you think of something you know you should do, or need to do, go ahead and tackle that task immediately. Think-Do.

For instance, if you’ve been too scared to check your credit report, you can order it online today from AnnualCreditReport.com. Done.

If you’ve neglected to buy much-needed life insurance, you can get life insurance quotes today from Insure.com. Done.

Of if you’ve put off organizing your tax records, you can start gathering your receipts and financial paperwork today. Done.

Exactly what you do isn’t as important as doing something — and doing so today.

If you put the “Think-Do” strategy into practice for 30 days, you’ll be amazed at how much gets accomplished.

By taking just one small but powerful action step, you push past the inertia and inaction that cripples many people financially. Instead of procrastinating important financial goals month after month, you’ll be addressing many of those issues in just 30 days flat.

So instead of making and breaking financial New Year’s resolutions, this time simply put these three ideas into practice for one month — and watch your finances reach another level of success in 2012 and beyond.