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3 Ways to Achieve Your Financial New Year’s Resolution In Just 30 Days

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2. Join a financial boot camp

For the ultimate month-long challenge, and to achieve financial fitness, join a financial boot camp.

One option is MyMoneyCircles.com, a free, four-week boot camp that guides you to financial health one step at a time. As a Money Coach, I’m proud to lead this online boot camp, along with a team of other personal finance experts.

In just one month, we help you address some of your most pressing financial questions and concerns, and deal with your most stubborn financial challenges. For example, you’ll learn how to save money quickly on your immediate and long-term bills, including groceries, communications, housing and more.

You’ll get the skinny on how to manage credit and debt wisely. You’ll figure out what you need to do to adequately protect you, your family and your assets against unforeseen circumstances like a layoff or illness. And you’ll get a game plan to save more money for retirement and other future-oriented financial goals.

The boot camp includes community groups that let you to connect (anonymously) with other like-minded people who share your same financial goals. And while MyMoneyCircles is designed to keep you accountable and on track financially, a range of resources, quizzes and tools also make the process doable and fun.