3 Ways to Preserve Your Mental Health Right Now
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3 Ways to Preserve Your Mental Health Right Now

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We are all feeling so much–too much–more than we know how to bear, really. From rage to confusion, to heartbreak, empathy, hopelessness, and perhaps more rage, we are currently, collectively, drowning in emotion.

We can’t let it take us under.

There is no quick fix. We all, clearly, want change right now, but are faced with the deflating reality that change–real change–takes time.

Right now, though, we must take care of ourselves–our physical and mental health.

We cannot be as effective as we hope if we’re not giving our minds, bodies, and spirits 100%. If ever there was a time when we needed to be operating at optimal levels–that time is now.

Here is what you can do to try to remain sane amid utter insanity.


We want to know everything. We want to know as its happening. We want to engage and know that people are thinking and feeling the same way that we are. We want constant community as to not feel as alone as we already do. Ultimately, it can all be too much.

Consistently engaging gut wrenching information is more destructive than we know. Allow yourself a moment to step away from the chaos. Your mind, your spirit needs this. Look at something you love. Read words that uplift, be in your own processing space, and reconnect when you’re ready.

Friends and Family

Sit with your loved ones. Let them know what they mean to you, right now. Come up with an “in case of emergency” plan. Embrace. Check in with each other. Be a loving presence. Fill each other up the best you can.


Watch a comedy even when nothing in you can find anything to laugh about. Get a card game going. Remind yourself of the last thing that had you doubled over in laughter and laugh all over again. Enjoy places, things, and people that you love.

Whatever you do, come up for air. We need you too much to drown now.