3 Signs You're Ready to Become an Entrepreneur

3 Signs You’re Ready to Become an Entrepreneur

Stepping into the world of entrepreneurship is no easy decision. It takes planning and the courage to go the distance — and often times, that distance is unknown. Before you take the leap, consider these qualities of successful entrepreneurs. Are you ready?

You know who you trust. Are you in a space in your life where you feel comfortable keeping your own counsel? While it’s important to keep a trusted team around you, it’s more important to understand and trust your instinct and gut on decisions. Take a real litmus test of your life. If the opinions of others matter more than your own, take some more time before you take the plunge.

You’ve engaged your fighting spirit. A foray into small business will be ripe with great opportunities and great disappointments. It’s important to be real about how you would handle the highs and lows. Entrepreneurs may be afraid to take risks on big opportunities but don’t let fear stop them, and are equally undeterred by big disappointments. If you think you’re ready to put up a fight and keep pressing on, then you’re ready.

You’re unafraid of failure — and rejection. The truly ready aren’t afraid to put themselves out there. In fact, they know it’s imperative to do so. They speak up when they have great ideas. They share their knowledge with others and they say yes, and figure out how to deliver later. In short, they show and prove. It’s okay if you’re not there yet, but take into consideration that in order to truly be successful, you can’t be scared.

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