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3 Reasons Your Small Business Should Be Creating More Visual Content

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Are you using platforms like Facebook and Twitter to grow your small business? Are you hoping to attract more customers by using social media marketing, yet find yourself wondering whether your efforts will be rewarded? Increasing your social media marketing ROI (return on investment) might not be a matter of posting more often, but instead changing what you share on social media.

Small business owners who increase the amount of visual content that they share on social media can significantly improve their audience engagement rate. Potential customers are more likely to engage with visual content versus text-based content. If you need convincing of the power of visual content for your small business, bear the following three essential truths in mind:

Retention Matters

If you want your small business’s target audience to retain more of your marketing materials, it is imperative that you start sharing more visual content with potential customers. The human brain retains visual content easier than text-based content. Start sharing brand visuals like infographics via social media and there’s a good chance you’ll increase your marketing ROI in the process. For instance, if you are launching a new mobile application, you would want to craft attractive graphics that lead your potential users to your mobile applications splash page or directly to your app store listings. Imagine that you are launching a beauty health line and need to engage with more of your potential purchasers. It would be imperative to create marketing materials that would persuade likely customers to not only inquire but also to try out your products or services. Simply put, perception equals reality.

Conversions are Critical

If you want to boost your conversion rate as a small business owner, it’s time to double-down on visual marketing opportunities like video marketing. Video content converts buyers at a faster rate than static content like blog posts and articles. Increase your small business video marketing this year, and the odds of increased sales are in your favor.

Visual Content is Engagement on Steroids

For small business owners wanting to increase audience engagement rates on social media, visual content creation is a must. Not only is visual content retained better by your target audience, but they’re also more likely to engage with your brand online thanks to your visual content. Start creating custom images using a tool like Canva.com and watch your social media engagement rates go through the proverbial roof.

These are just three of many reasons your small business should be creating more visual content for social media marketing. Develop a detailed visual marketing strategy and build a library of visual images you can use daily.