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2011 B.E. Small Business Award Nominees

This award is presented to the fearless young entrepreneur age 21—35 tapped to be a future business leader.

Volt Energy LLC
Type of business: Green power installation firm
Co-Owner/Director of Business: Gilbert G. Campbell III
Co-Owner/Director of Operations: Simon Antonio Francis
Winston-Salem, North Carolina and Washington, DC

Volt Energy installs solar photovoltaics, solar thermal, and wind systems for governments, businesses, school systems, nonprofits, and utilities in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Owned and operated by Gilbert G. Campbell III and Simon Antonio Francis, both 31-years-old, the company secured lucrative contracts with big name companies, including Duke Energy, with whom it has a contract to sell energy for 8 cents per kilowatt-hour over a 15-year agreement. Volt Energy has seven full-time employees and generated $1 million in revenues last year. To keep the momentum, the company looks to expand into South Africa; a country the duo says has a high demand for renewable energy.

Roadstarr Motorsports Inc.
Type of business: Automotive customization company
Co-Founder/Co-President: Hassan Iddrissu
Co-Founder/Co-President: Hussein Iddrissu
Location: Los Angeles

Hassan and Hussein Iddrissu found away to capitalize off of America’s love of luxury and speed. In 2003, the brothers launched Los Angeles-based Roadstarr Motor and quickly caught the eye of Hollywood’s elite, including, John Travolta, Ralph Lauren, Kevin Spacey and Akon. The 15-person automotive customization company creates one-of-a-kind body works, tires and accessories as well as serves as a top shop for servicing European vehicles. The 33-year-old twins, identified as Black Enterprise’s 40 Next, generated $11 million in 2010 and after expanding their business to Europe and delving into the petroleum business in Ghana, the Iddrissu’s stand to make $16 million in 2011.

The Bulsard Group LLC
Type of business: Business process re-engineering firm
Founder/President: Latoya L. Wall
Location: Houston, TX

The Bulsard Group’s mission is to help businesses large and small do more with less. Founded by Latoya L. Wall, 30, the company uses data analytics and statistical analysis to streamline and make the business process more efficient. A Master Black Belt–the highest level for administering Six Sigma compliance–Wall’s clients include Chevron’s Gulf of Mexico Business Unit and Raytheon, a defense and homeland security company. The 40 Nexter’s firm generated $500,000 in sales last year.