2010 Entrepreneurs Conference: Top Takeaways On Twitter

2010 Entrepreneurs Conference: Top Takeaways on Twitter

CNN Legal Analyst Sunny Hostin was among the panelists who gave #BEEC attendees plenty to tweet about.
CNN Legal Analyst Sunny Hostin was among the panelists who gave #BEEC attendees something to tweet about.

The Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference had Twitter on lock down. From Lisa Nichols‘ presentation on how to pitch your idea to inspiration from the BE Next panel to legal strategies with Sunny Hostin, participants at #BEEC absorbed enough information to go back to their cities and build up their businesses with confidence. Following are some responses from a tweet I (@newsgyrl) sent last week, asking participants to reply with their top takeaways from the conference.

@talentdiva: @newsgyrl Never give up on your dream. Don’t be afraid of technology. Define your brand before others do it for you. #beec 2:00 PM May 17th via mobile web

@SkeeStylus:@newsgyrl take aways from @2motivate “U have a right 2get frustrated. U have a right 2get tired but the responsibility 2keep going! #BEEC 3:01 PM May 17th via twidroid

@newsgyrl another 1″Doubt… you have no seat at my table.” -Lisa Nichols #beec <yes YES! U can not entertain business w/ fear in ur heart 3:09 PM May 17th via twidroid

@webbusiness: @newsgyrl Takeaways of the day: 1) Small things matter. 2) Perseverance is not an option. It’s a requirement. 3) Fear is a dream killer. 3:51 PM May 17th via web

@AhmadThames: @newsgyrl my top takeaways were the info I received about @the_cashflow, Lisa Nichols’ SNAP technique and a connection w/@AlfredEdmondJr about 20 hours ago via Seesmic

@msjenniferbrown: Awesome BE Next Panel feat. @the_ybf’s founder Natasha Eubanks. She advised entrepreneurs to read “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” #BEEC

@DerrickmLane: 20-something Acension Aircraft CEO, J.Larkins, biggest hurdle was receiving #hatemail for being a young success. #Really? Wow. #BEEC

What I’ve noticed w/these entrepreneurs is that they all created their business from what they LOVE to do. #Message! #BEEC via Tweed

“There is no reason to feel uncomfortable in any business mtg if you know your brand, category, & market” #DoYourResearch #BEEC

@CamiCakes: @blackenterprise Conference Best Business Investment made this year! Love Sis Inc and Legal Strategies w Sunny Hostin! @TennilleSmBiz #BEEC

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Marcia Wade Talbert is a staff writer at Black Enterprise.