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12 Inspiring Quotes from Women of Power Chief Brand Officer Caroline Clarke

Women of Power
Caroline Clarke, Chief Brand Officer of Women of Power (Image: File)

Every year during the Women of Power Legacy Awards Reception, attendees look forward to the warmest welcome from Chief Brand Officer Caroline Clarke. At the beginning of every summit, Clarke sets the intentions for the event— encouraging women to see one another, to see themselves, and to go for what they want, and so much more.

Picture over a thousand women standing to their feet, clapping, cheering, and hugging with tears of joy swelling in their eyes. That is the magnitude of power felt in the room! It goes without saying that her words resonate in the hearts of women.

Just last year, Clarke urged attendees to tune into their power by keeping calm and carrying on.

The Women of Power Summit is your center of calm in the midst of the storm. We are, fittingly, at The Mirage and for those of you who are often isolated in your life and work, being here may feel like just that—an illusion of paradise in the midst of a barren desert—almost too good to be true. But I assure you this is no figment of your imagination. This room, these women, and this Summit are every bit as real as they seem and this week will be as life-changing as you allow it to be.


So keep calm and claim this moment and everything that is here for you. Keep calm and tap into the core of what you need and what you offer. Keep calm and trust yourself, trust each other, and trust that you will leave here with everything you hope for, and more than you imagined possible. Keep calm, and carry on with your head held high, remembering that there’s a crown on it. And even if no one else sees it, your sisters do. We do.

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As we prepare for the 15th Annual Women of Power Summit hosted by ADP at the Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada March 5-8, we are looking forward to Clarke’s charge as we power up. Until then, here are 12 quotes that are guaranteed to inspire you.

12 Inspiring Quotes from Caroline Clarke


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