Top 10 Cities for Smartphone Theft [Infographic]

10 U.S. Cities Your Smartphone Is Most Likely to Get Jacked In

(Image: Thinkstock)

Depending on where you live, you may need to clutch your smartphone a little tighter.

Ironically, based on data from gadget-insurance company Protect Your Bubble, the City of Brotherly Love topped the “The Worst Cities for Smartphone Loss & Theft” list. Philadelphia was followed by Seattle, Oakland, Long Beach and Newark.

Cell phone theft makes up 30 to 40% of all robberies nationwide, according to the Federal Communications Commission.  The company revealed 113 smartphones are lost or stolen every minute in the United States.

Project Your Bubble compiled their findings into a cool infographic. The list also disclosed where smartphone users are most likely to lose their phones, and fast food restaurants take the top spot.

Check out the infographic below: