10 Great Tech Accessories for Travelers

10 Great Tech Accessories for Travelers

Barracuda: Collapsible Luggage + Built-in Laptop Tray + GPS + Proximity Sensor + USB Charger
Nothing can ruin a trip faster than lost luggage. An ingenious Indiegogo project looks to make lost luggage a lost part of the travel experience. Barracuda is a rolling, carry-on bag and so much more. It’s “smart” luggage that features GSM-GPRS technology for location tracking. Any connected device can be used to track the location of a Barracuda.

In addition, it has Bluetooth so you can use an iPhone or Android device to quickly locate the Barracuda from short range (when it is on a baggage carousel, for example).

Other features include a built-in USB charger, a built-in tray that pops out for laptop use, and an ergonomic handle for comfortable transport. The Barracuda is also collapsible. This successfully-funded product will start shipping in February 2016.

Image: Barracuda

Petzi Treat Cam
Having to leave a pet behind can be a bittersweet part of going on vacation, even when you know you are leaving your furry friend in the good hands of a sitter. The Petzi Treat Cam can help you relax more about your pet when you are away.

This device can be mounted in the same location as your pet and connected to Wi-Fi. With the Petzi app and the Petzi Treat Cam, you can remotely speak and see your pet and you can also dispense treats from the Petzi Treat Cam through the smartphone app.

Image: Petzi

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