10 Great Tech Accessories for Travelers

10 Great Tech Accessories for Travelers

PhoneSoap: UV Cell Phone Sanitizer & Universal Charger 2.0
The PhoneSoap charger not only charges your phone but it will also clean and sanitize it while doing so. Travel can be messy and cell phones are generally about 18 times dirtier than a public toilet. PhoneSoap uses UV light to kill bacteria, so there is no heat, liquid or chemicals to damage the phone.

PhoneSoap’s universal design fits almost every phone, even larger smartphones such as the iPhone 6s. Its acoustic design allows users to hear calls, notifications, and alarms even when a phone is charging.

Image: PhoneSoap


GekkoPod Smartphone Mount
GekkoPod is a tripod for smartphones. It’s designed to mimic the hand of a Gecko lizard. This design makes the GekkoPod bendable, yet durable. Users can slide a smartphone or GoPro into the GekkoPod and then wrap its five arms around a pole, branch, tree, drone or any object. This lets you take the perfect shots while hiking, biking or when engaging in any sort of activity, and allows for unique camera shots and angles. GekkoPod is constructed from silicone and metal yet it’s lightweight enough to take on the go. This successfully-funded Kickstarter project started shipping on Oct. 7 of this year.

Image: Gekkopod

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