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BlackEnterprise Interactive Editor-in-Chief Alfred A. Edmond Jr. gives you the complete rundown of the new features and design of Check this video to find out what’s in store for you as a site visitor, and why you’ll want to bookmark the site and make this a daily destination as you grow your business, advance in your profession and build wealth for life.

  • ok right

    do a better video.

  • pam

    Love the new layout and Love Alfred! He rocks. God bless you Bro! What’s up with the Bull? LOL

  • Loooooooooooooooove the new layout Daddy!! lookin good! hubba hubbaa.. lol.. Oh I have to be serious now this is BLACKENTERPISE.COOOOM! ok ok… yes budget, eat right, think and plan for future. lol.. After I ppaaartay! I’m about to watch all the videos with popcorn and a notepad! hahaha

  • I am very very impressed with the new site and all its offerings, from the quality and depth of content to its focus. Even the video made me want more of what will be offered, suggesting you will bring what’s in our world to us.

    Thanks for all you are doing!

  • Very impressed,great timing. Looking forward to more!