(Mental Health Month) Listening to What Your Money Is Telling You

Making the 'you’ money is reflecting, align with who you really are

Money impacts our lives in many different ways. It’s linked to our very survival, our ability to create a standard of living for our loved ones and ourselves. Our financial circumstances also impact the opportunities we, and our children, have to be part of experiences and circumstances that can determine the quality of our lives.

“The reason people have such strong emotions around money is because it signifies value.  You are valued by how much you have and what you own,” says psychotherapist and executive coach Mary Pender Greene.

The significance our society has given to money can make us forget that the most essential parts of us have nothing to do with monetary value. We can fail to see the powerful teacher that money really is, and the ways in which the silent pointers it gives voice to tell us the disconnect between what we’re doing and what we value.

Whether it’s spending in ways that are at odds with what you really care about, or turning a blind eye to the steps you need to take in order to make sure you’re not a financial burden to your children when they are grown, it is reflected in your finances.

  • What does your unsecured debt–like credit cards–tell you about your choices and lifestyle?
  •  Would your money tell you that you’re acting like someone who is excited about investing in the future?
  •  Would your savings reflect the sense of the importance you place on being prepared for emergencies and the unexpected?
  •  What is your financial behavior telling you about how you feel about taking care of your loved ones?

When you take money out of the equation:

  • How do you really feel about living beyond your means and taking on unsecured debt?
  •  How do you feel about being financially prepared for the future or emergencies?
  •  How do you feel about leaving a financial legacy for your loved ones?

Every moment is an opportunity to do things differently. Pick one area of your financial life where your financial choices are reflecting a conflict with your true nature. Do some research, and come up with a plan that allows you to take small steps that will bring your finances into alignment with your true nature. Share your plan with a friend.

Above all, make peace with what your money is telling you. Be grateful for the message, and listen.

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  • Wilma

    Where do you begin….where and when does it change….for instance you have a single 55 year old female works a job that pays only $ 8.00 hr. Has tithes to give first then necessities rent,lights,phone,car,insurance and groceries, there is nothing left over.But has dreams visions to serve and help others. Is not physically able to work extra employment any more. Was never taught when in younger years principles and investing. She has no husband and other family is physically disabled such as sisters and lives states away. Has great vision and great communication skills but had always faced oppositions and rejection from others because of proverty. What little she has she has done her best with and faithful. She has an education but no employee pays her what she deserves and is worth. Where does she begin. She getting older. She has no desire to be married. No agency assist her,has been refused help . How does she save and invest to get increase. Naturally impossible but with God on her side ,he is her only possible resource. He supplies her needs . But where’s the overflow,increase,and abundance that she so desires to fund the kingdom of God not her self or man.How long must one tithe so see the promise of open heavens. She’s been saved and tithing faithful for over 20 yrs.She owns nothing and not in debt other than car payment rent,and necessary bills to live and survive. Where does she begin how is financial wealth going to come. Only God and him alone…but if He does not then will it continue as a cycle of only 8:00 hr until she retires then only live on ssecurity.which would be appoximate 950.amonth. ?????? My question remains where does it say everyone can be wealthy….it’s a lie. Some want due to choices. Some want cause they can’t manage it. And some cause they are the ones Jesus spoke of….the poor will be with you always cause the Christian that’s blessed to be wealthy are to bless the kingdom and help those in need. Yet a lot of them are selfish greedy and live lives luxurious when other are suffering right up under them and they could care less. Does one really need to own 3 an 4 houses and 4 Cars and take exotic trips 4 times a year. O no it don’t take all that to be of a nice life style and be comfortable.i see so much wasted and spent foolishly when it could be sent and give to those in real need. If proverty is a curse why are so many Christians broke busted and disgusted. Didn’t Christ take the curse for us….how is it broken. I want to know. Cause I see a lot of poverty and hungry people that are living in ruins yet I no they are born again and love Jesus. Just have a lot of questions and desire wealth to help others not my self.