BE Next: Making the January 2010 Cover

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With an inside look at the January 2010 cover shoot, Black Enterprise introduces you to its latest franchise — BE Next.  Find out who they are, what they do, and how you can BE Next.

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  • David

    I was channel surfing this AM and saw a TV show with the same name as this site “B.E.” A reporter said that there is a saying in “black communities that when America catches a cold black comminies get the flu”. I say B.S. to that. That is a saying in Canada but I really doubt that is a common comment said by blacks in their communities in America. I am a 59 year old white American raiesd in the south and I remember segregation. It was disgusting. To continue the legacy of that era by promoting the idea of racism so folks like you reading this can have a job to make folks of your color support your racist agenda website and TV shows is really disgusting to me. My white children don’t see color until folks like you point it out. A T.V. show or website with the same name, “White Enterprise”, would not be tolerated in America today. Why is yours? “You people” are the problem in America today. And by “you people” I don’t mean blacks. I mean people like you with an agenda of promoting strife amongst God’s children based on the color of their skin. Please go away.

    • April

      You only need to thumb through an issue of Black Enterprise (B.E.) magazine and you will learn that B.E. is in reality a publication that enpowers anyone, but specifically blacks about wisely managing their money and generational wealth building. In fact, when I lived and worked in Seoul, Korea, a co-worker of mine who is a proud white man subscribed to B.E. magazine in addition to other investment periodicals to stay current on investing as an upper-level manager. I suggest you enlighten yourself prior to making such limited-knowledge based comments as you posted.

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