Venus & Serena Star in New iPhone 5 Commercial

Venus and Serena Williams play every man's fantasy in the new iPhone 5 commercial

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Apple is no stranger to elaborate commercials when it comes to their beloved iPhones, and after the brand’s direct competition, the Samsung Galaxy SIII, slammed the multibillion-dollar company in several advertisements during last year’s fourth quarter, Apple is hitting the new year strong with its latest iPhone 5 commercial featuring none other than Venus and Serena Williams.

The 30-second ad is titled, “Dream,” and epitomizes every man’s favorite bedtime fantasy. The tennis-playing sisters are dressed in all white as they take on a faceless man in a ping pong match, running through his mind all night.

Apple’s marketing strategy is nothing short of genius, and will hopefully serve as a catalyst to boosting the brand’s smartphone sales.

Check out the commercial below.