84% of Kickstarter’s Top Projects Missed Their Deadline

CNNMoney investigation shows majority of top 50 most-funded projects are running behind with delivery

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Funding platform Kickstarter has helped entrepreneurs rake in $376 million in fundraising since its debut in 2009, funding close to 34,000 projects. Everything from albums and docu-series to new gadgets are in the running to receive financial support to bring the concept to life. And, yes, every penny counts but if a project doesn’t reach its funding goal, it doesn’t receive any of the money raised.

In an investigative report, CNNMoney looked at the top 50 most-funded projects on Kickstarter and found that 84% missed their target delivery dates. Their investigation revealed only eight of the 50 projects hit their deadline.

The top projects collectively raised $40.3 million from approximately 420,000 backers.

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