5 Top Tablets: Which One is Right For You?

An extensive review of the latest hot options to enhance your mobile workspace

Man using a tablet in empty auditorium

Tablets are taking over the mobile market. The most popular one of course is Apple’s latest edition, the iPad 2, but it certainly isn’t the only one that has caught America’s attention. As the second one out the gate, the Samsung Galaxy Tab will also be introducing its newest version this summer, along with new entries by HP and BlackBerry. Plus, we can’t forget Motorola‘s fine contribution from February. With so many new introductions this spring and summer, consumers looking to purchase a tablet will have a lot to consider. Here is a rundown of what we believe are the top five options in the category. When you’re done with the slideshow, join us on BE Insider to discuss which one you think will work best for you and why.

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