Want $300 in 30 Days? Samsung Will Pay You for Your Old Smartphone

The technology company announced it is giving away rebates of up to $300 for old smartphones

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(Image: Samsung Mobile USA)

Samsung is giving its customers another reason to celebrate, or at least one more incentive to turn in their aged smartphones. The Korean tech company announced on its Facebook Page and samsungupgrade.com on Monday that customers who buy a new Samsung smartphone–new Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note to be exact– and mail in their old one will receive $300 cashback within 30 days.

While a pristine iPhone 4S 64GB will give you the full $300, rebates decrease greatly from there, according to tech-news site The Verge.  If you do the math, and end up turning in a well-kept smartphone, you’ll get your new Samsung smartphone for a reasonable price (if not free).

Get your quote today by visiting Samsung’s Mobile USA Facebook Page or samsungupgrade.com.

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