Pumping Up Web Traffic

Having the right hyperlinks can drive customers to your site

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The hyperlink is still the lifeblood of the Web. When you see some interesting content on the Web, chances are you’re going to pass the link on to others you think will enjoy it as much as you. And passing it on can be done these days via e-mail, instant message, blog, social site, e-book, and so on. It’s how search engines guide us to content we want or need when we type a certain word or phrase into them. It’s also why businesses spend a great deal of time and money attempting to get links to their site at the top of search results pages.

But all links are not created equal. A link from a highly respected site could improve your site’s credibility, but might not drive as much quality traffic as a link from a lesser known blog site. Or a link on a page with a high number of other links may diminish the importance of your link. So it’s important to figure out a way to increase the number of links that will drive worthy traffic your way. Here are a few easy ways that can help you build productive links:

  • Create Good Content
    Nothing drives interest more than interesting content. There’s a ton of content on the Web, and it’s growing exponentially as tools make it easier and faster to pump it out. But that doesn’t mean it’s any good. There’s probably more junk on the Web than in the average person’s inbox, which is truly saying something. So it’s important to focus on creating compelling, captivating content because it will really rise to the top—even on the Web. This also applies to video, audio, and other creative forms in addition to traditional HTML, Portable Document Format (PDF), and PowerPoint.
  • Choose Names and Tags Carefully
    Even before you write a blog post, spend some time coming up with a title that will make people want to at least read the first paragraph. The importance of a good title can’t be overstated because it might be the only thing people see before making a decision to check it out. And if the title doesn’t pique their interest, the chances of them reading any further are diminished—which in turn means that they certainly won’t pass the link around, boosting your Web traffic. In addition to coming up with a thought-provoking title, take time to tag it with appropriate keywords. This also increases the likelihood of reaching the right audience online.
  • Link to Respectable Sites
    When someone links to your site it’s like they are vouching for you. They are putting their hard earned credibility on the line for you just with the simple act of adding that link. And you probably have a few ideas of who you’d love to have link to you, because you may have learned something from them by reading their blog or using their product. Why not link to the sites that you respect and appreciate?

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    One thing I notice, is when people call themselves opening up for business, they use gmail as an email source and Vista Print for cards. To me, this says, “YOU ARE NOT REALLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS or are NOT SERIOUS ABOUT IT! You have not put any finances into start up capital (free GENERIC {might I add} cards, free email) If you are using free e-mail, probably means you also do not have a website set up, which as the instructor reiterated, a web-site says you are open and serious to take on new customers. Godaddy offers e-mail service along with web hosting for a very economical price (that is IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS) Regarding a phone answering service, some people may take the same stance as I take about e-mail and the cards, I use a google voice to cut down on monthly overhead expenditures. But from what I learned from this course, at $10 a month, $120 a year, which I spend more on dinner for two, more than once or twice a year, to give my business a more professional image, I’ll be switching really soon. I’ll keep my google voice number open for a year or so just in case someone whom I’ve given out 400 to 500 business cards to decides to call me for services. But, Vista Print, Gmail – (which I do have a gmail address, which includes my professional credential, not my business name) and its more for social/professional (At my age and professional image I’d like to project,I can’t have an e-mail address that says datdogESQ@gmail.com) – are a CHEAP, CHURLISH WAYS TO SAY I’M A SERIOUS ENTREPRENEUR. And any CFO will tell you, Working Capital of your business is driven by expenditures/liabilities/payables high, receivables low. In other words, you have to purchase something (Cost Of Good Sold) to sell, and hopefully you can purchase it on credit so that by the time you sell it, is the same time you’ll need to turn around and pay the creditor off, plus have a profit gross margin left over. In short, there is not way around it, you need to spend a little bread to make bread. When it comes to IMAGE and BRANDING and ADVERTISING, YOU NEED TO SPEND AS MUCH AS FEASIBLY POSSIBLE! Vista Print and Gmail DOES NOTHING FOR YOUR BRAND PROMOTIONS, but says you have a HOPE and a PRAYER that this idea, which you think is so brilliant WILL MAKE YOU MONEY SO YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SPEND ANY OF YOUR OWN!

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      I have gmail but i paid a little to have my company name as my email that has: @companyname .com address not the standard: @gmail.com  is that okay Mikey Walker? =) be honest

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      There are some states contributing to the economic development of new and small businesses by offering free website services through Intuit; you would have to pay for upgrade services; but it is a great deal!!!!

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       I totally disagree that using vistaprint means you are not serious about your business. It’s a great way to start promoting your business on a budget. Unfortunately everyone does not have the capital to just spend spend spend at the start. I do believe that you should upload your own logo so that your card is not generic and doesn’t look like another business. There are highly successful businesses out here that started out with vistaprint cards (and may still be using them) and/or who have had a gmail email address. Let’s limit the condescending advice out of this workshop and leave the positive advice to the experts. I wish you must success in your business endeavors! I hope this message finds you doing well.

      • Good Day!  I agree with you about it being “a great way to start promoting your business on a budget” as this is what some of us have to do due to a lack of funding for startup entrepreneurs (but that’s another conversation.  
        I’m thinking he meant the free VistaPrint cards with their advertisement on the back of your free card.  I made the mistake of not paying the $1.99 to take it off.  I just finished up a business planning class at the Urban League (a great class I might add), and they had experts as facilitators.  They made the very same argument as Mr. Walker about the free business cards, email (your biz name @gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.).  One of the facilitators works in government contracting, and she says they won’t even look at you with this type of setup because they don’t consider you a serious business.  Image is everything, even when we have to fake it to make it. 

        Great points from all.
        Peace & Blessings Everyone!

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        Great reply Brandi. However, in my opinion, I believe the poster was talking more about using the free business cards and not paying a little bit more to not have Vista Print on the back. To me, it does seem a little bit unprofessional and first impressions are everything in today’s society. For me, I would hesitate to do business with someone who uses the free cards. It’s all in the details and how you want to be perceived. Spend a few extra dollars and upgrade. 🙂

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      Def appreciate the post as I was about to get print vista business cards and I do have a google voice number as well. I had the website and email right at least, but I agree that it is worth investing in materials that communicate who you are as a business and business owner. This has been one of my fav lessons thus far! Love the insight… keep it coming!

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      I agree. Although, I’ll say some comments are a little condescending…but hopefully not meant that way. But lets face it…some “business owners” need  to step it up and put out a more professional image. I think that’s the main message from Mr. Walker’s comments. I’m a start up graphic and web designer and I can’t tell you the clients I’ve worked with who don’t have a business card or have a poorly designed card (images not sized properly or out of focus). I’ve had a client who needs a logo for her company for jewelry she makes. I asked for photos to see what style of jewelry it is so I can try to make a logo that fits the image of her products…. and I get images of jewelry taken around a bathroom sink and and on her arm taken in her car…and out of focus. I mean REALLY! We have to do a better job at putting a professional image and good first impression out in public. I know that you DO have to spend a little money to make money. And there are economical ways to start a business without everyone knowing you have no money. It just takes a little extra time and effort and maybe a few extra dollars (which you’d probably blow on something insignificant anyways – why not spend/invest it wisely!).

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    I agree with much stated. As a consumer when I see someone do not invest in their business, my attitude become why should I invest with them. As a business owner, I also strive to remember I have to sell me first then my product/service. So, its worth it to me to invest a little more into what I believe in

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    I believe domain registration is now 99 cents for the first year, and they have a score of other specials going on for web sites and eshops.


    I was using my cell phone for business calls, but that’s not really working, so I’m researching Grasshopper as I make this post. 

    Much prosperity with your businesses. 

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    I think if you use VistaPrint’s TEMPLATE services, you definitely look amateurish. I got stung with that when early on in my writing career, I got my biz cards from VistaPrint. When I went to exchange cards with another writer, we used the EXACT same business card template/picture which only contained different fonts/colors/contact information. It was embarrassing, and I immediately began working on a logo to make myself unique. While I’m not crazy about my logo (still working on that) it is a unique presence in the writing/editing market.
    I think if you have a logo or use your own unique graphic images, utilizing VistaPrint and similar inexpensive printing sources can be beneficial and cost effective. But when you use a printer’s picture/template you stand a good chance of getting the same product that a bunch of other people who want to succeed in the same field as you use, and it’s not a good look.
    I have used RingCentral.com as my business telephone provider for about three years, which offers all of the same services and benefits as Grasshopper.com, but I recently paid for a year in advance (for the first time EVER, figures, right?) so when this year is up I will compare pricing and services between these two companies & see if I can keep my phone number if I switch over.
    Great video! Loving this University so far!

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      Everyone’s looking to save a buck these days. Its time to buckle down and be more savvy economically. I agree about using vistaprint to download your logo. I just trademarked mine and i think ill keep using vista print just use my logo. Ive just also discovered that as a business person you have to learn to be savvy. Business is up and down sometimes on every end, so being savvy, knowing when to work with nothing to something is a special quality. Our ancestors were that way…food for thought:)

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    Microsoft’s office 365 is a great tool for entrepreneurs and small – medium businesses. You can harness the power of SharePoint, Office Web Apps and Exchange email.  I use it to securely get docs to clients and to manage projects. Plus you can get a free website. The cost is about $6/month per employee but people outside of your company (extranet users) can also access information you need to share.

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