Preteens All Over Social Media Unsupervised

Tweens undeterred by dangers of cyberbullying, sexual predators

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small business success using social mediaThink your 10-year-old brother or sister is following Facebook’s age restriction? A new survey of preteens suggests most of them are not.

U.S. “tweens,” 10 to 12-year-olds, say they have at least one social media account and they use it without any supervision from their parents, according to the survey by online security company McAfee.

The security software giant commissioned the poll of 1,173 young people ages 10 to 23 years old and 1,301 parents, Reuters reports.

Despite the dangers — cyberbullying, pornography and sexual predators – 82 percent of preteens feel their social media sites are very safe. And 79 percent of parents think the same.