PlugBug Gives iPad Users a Faster Way to Charge Up

Tech start-up provides less clutter and more power for Apple users

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As we continue to immerse ourselves in more and more technology that means more gadgets fighting for power from so few outlets. While taking turns powering up your devices is always an option, tech startup Twelve South adopts a sharing philosophy. The company’s latest product is the PlugBug, which lets users charge two devices at once via a unique power adapter.

MacBook or MacBook Pro users can transform their existing single adapters into a dual power source for their iPad, iPhone, iPod or any other USB-based device by simply snapping on the PlugBug and connecting it to a wall socket as usual. The bonus of using the 10-watt device instead of the USB port on your computer is faster charge time due to being connected directly to the main power source. The PlugBug can also be used separately to charge devices without being connected to a MacBook or MacBook Pro, which makes for even less clutter. And for frequent flyers there’s a special power adapter plug-in that converts the adapter for use with international power sources.

The PlugBug retails for $35 and is available online at

Check out the PlugBug in action below.