Did You Really Post That? 5 Tips to Curb Oversharing Online

See where you should draw the line

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The freedom to share instantly is one of the many reasons social media is popular, especially among younger generations. However, as our parents instructed, you should never air your dirty laundry in public. Well, in today’s world, you don’t want to cause your digital demise by tweeting or Facebook messaging something too personal.

According to Consumer Reports’ “State of the Net” findings, 52% of social network users have posted risky information online in the past year. In addition, security software company McAfee reported that only 20% of teens use privacy settings that ensure their profile is only viewable by friends.

Mashable suggests five ways to prevent oversharing:

Save the details for friends

Is what you’re about to share on social media something you’d disclose to your inner circle of friends? If so, you don’t need to hit send on that message. Instead, send a text to a friend or hold off until you can arrange a face-to-face conversation with a friend.

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