Jay-Z Spends Quality Time With Fans on Twitter

Rapper-turned-business mogul broke Twitter silence on Monday

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Remember when Sean “Jay-Z” Carter tweeted in mid-June that he’d reached his “yearly allotment” of tweets? Well, it looks like the Brooklyn-born rapper had a change of heart, answering a barrage of questions from his fans on the popular microblogging site on Monday.

The sporadic Twitter Q&A showed the business man’s funny side. He often responded to tweets with #mylaugh–his own version of the widely-used Internet abbreviation, LOL (“laugh out loud”). He spent the next several hours replying to tweets, placing his responses in brackets.

Despite rumors swirling that Jay-Z’s account had been hacked, Twitter confirmed to tech news site Mashable that Roc Nation said he was in fact tweeting from his account, @S_C_.

Since Mr. Carter first posted on the popular social networking site in November 2008, he’s only tweeted a little over 100 times, according to Rolling Stone.

The Twitter frenzy comes only a few days after Mr. Carter made his new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, available to Samsung customers. In fact his lastest step into the wondrous world of tech and social caused #MCHG to become a worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

Take a look at some of Jay’s responses: