Here’s Why This Week’s Net Neutrality Ruling is Good for You

High court uphold Net Neutrality and fair Internet access.

Net Neutrality
(Image/iStock: Kagenmi)

Consumers scored a major victory with the U.S. Appeals Court upholding net neutrality rules.

What is net neutrality? It’s the idea that Internet access, be it broadband, DSL, or even dial-up, should remain open and not subject to manipulation or the whims of Internet service providers (ISPs).

The court maintained that ISPs must not engage in “unjust or reasonable discrimination in charges, practices, classifications, regulations, facilities, or services,” in regards to Internet access.


Internet Service Providers Cry “Foul!”


ISPs, such as Comcast and AT&T, have been against such a ruling for years and are vowing to fight it. These providers and critics of upholding net neutrality, make the dubious claim that it will cripple innovation in the broadband industry.

The more jaded view as to why service providers are so against Net Neutrality is that they are now not as able to hold customers as hostage to whatever pricing, data speed, and content models they set.

In other words, they stand to lose moneywhich amounts to pennies, when you take into consideration the obscene profits of telecommunications companies in the last several years.


Why This is a Good Thing


President Obama has been a staunch supporter of net neutrality.

“An entrepreneur’s fledgling company should have the same chance to succeed as established corporations, and that access to a high school student’s blog shouldn’t be unfairly slowed down to make way for advertisers with more money,” is his administration’s position.

And that’s what’s at stake; while it is in a provider’s best interest to offer speedy, high-performing Internet no matter what level of service a customer pays, they cannot deliberately manipulate Internet traffic to their advantage.

Imagine if Verizon or AT&T purchased an online news site. Prior to this ruling, those companies could conceivably make customer’s traffic to the news site they own faster and better-performing than to competing news sites. That’s unjust.

Internet service providers have power and money. They are likely to not take the ruling quietly. But today, the U.S. Appeals Court and the FCC had our backs.







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  • grasspress

    nothing ‘cripples’ innovation. innovation thrives on finding solutions, and it needs problems before it can begin its work.

  • Rob Held

    This is government intervention ultimately resulting in government regulation. Nothing is broken so our elected politicians want to fix it and as usual they will foul it up.

  • The Sad Smark

    Man, I can’t believe that people are THIS naive. Once again, just like with the transgender Children, Obama’s administration has seized freedom from the American people by pretending to care about the “little guy”. Did no one notice how Obama planned to make the transgender kids suffer by suing their school and pulling federal funding from the place THEY THEMSELVES attended? It was never about the transgender students, it was about forcing the American people to comply via Executive Order and threats against their children’s education.

    And now, the government gets to call the Internet a “utility” allowing them to regulate it as they see fit. You think this is going to impact ISP’s? Hell NO. Their additional costs will trickle down to their customers raising internet pricing. And now that the government can dictate what the internet is, it’s only a matter of time before they dictate what the internet does, what is allowed on it, who can use it, and much more.

    And here we have someone calling it a “good” thing. And the kicker is, they’re black. They should KNOW that government control has always been historically bad for black people in the country, from Slavery to Jim Crow to the modern Prison Industrial Complex, that sees cops replace hall monitors and gives youngsters a pipeline straight to jail instead of detention or suspension.

    • bhound56

      What a bunch of blather. I can only hope you are a watch list.

      • The Sad Smark

        I am.

        And so are you.

        Or did you also sleep through that whole “Prism” thing, too?

        The United States Government has PUBLICLY ADMITTED the following:

        Operation Northwoods: Killing US citizens in a fake terror attack as a front to go to war with Cuba. It was only stopped by JFK at the last minute.

        Operation Mockingbird: Paying Major News Media outlets to distribute lies and false propaganda to spin the people in the direction they want them to go.

        Operation Fast and Furious: Shipping guns to Mexican Gun Cartels, only to “lose” them and for them to end up killing US Border Agents.

        Project MK Ultra: Kidnapping and detaining US citizens and then torturing them with drugs to try and control their minds.

        COINTELPRO: Sending undercover agents into citizen movements like the Civil Rights movement in order to destabilize and destroy them.

        PRISM: Busted by Edward Snowden, they got caught red handed violating every American’s Constitution right to privacy and warrants.

        The Tuskeegee Experiment: Giving Black US Soldiers syphillis with no cure to gauge the results of the disease.

        The Iraq/Afghan War: Wars started based on what everyone now knows is a lie, saying Saddam had WMD’s and connections to Osama. So far, over a million innocent people dead, and tens of thousands of US Troops.

        And that’s just SOME of what they’ve done. SOME. They shipped coke into poor communities to fund the Nicaraguan Contras, and then declared a “War on Drugs”. They let Wall Street cause the Great Recession, held no one accountable then robbed the people to give them golden parachutes. They frickin hired the Nazi’s they were supposed to be prosecuting under Operation Paperclip.

        If, after all of this is known, after the government has ADMITTED THIS…you’re STILL this naive?

        You should just STAY that naive. It’ll be easier for you when the end comes if you don’t see it coming.