Here’s How to Scan Thousands of Photos in Minutes

Have thousands of old pictures to scan? You will want to know about FastFoto

Many of us have shoeboxes filled with photos from decades ago. Typically, scanning thousands of old photos requires sending them to an imaging service and paying a hefty fee. Plus, the photos never seem to scan properly.

Now, you can digitize those images at an affordable cost for high-quality results in the comfort of your home. Epson just released the FastFoto FF-640 photo scanner, which scans one photo per second. You can also feed the device 30 photos at a time.

Additionally, the scanner restores faded photos to their original color, something this author witnessed in person during a demo of the FastFoto. This feature is courtesy of Epson’s proprietary Smart Photo Fix (SPF), which also reduces red-eye and automatically applies color enhancement.

The scanner’s software lets you share scanned images via Facebook or Instagram. If you have a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, you can direct FastFoto to save scanned images to a designated folder on the NAS.

FastFoto also scans the front and back of photos and postcards in a single scan. With the included software, you can name photos and organize them with specific metadata, such as location and year.

“Whether it’s for Throwback Thursday, a photo slideshow for graduation, a wedding, or another life event, before today, digitizing photographs with a flatbed scanner or scanning service has been a time consuming and expensive task,” said Larry Trevarthen, director of commercial printing and scanning at Epson America, Inc., in a released statement.“Scanning shoeboxes of photos on a flatbed scanner can take hundreds of hours, and sending photos out to a scanning service is pricey and puts irreplaceable photos at risk of being lost or damaged. FastFoto offers a fast, easy, and affordable solution for preserving a family’s legacy.”

The Epson FastFoto FF-640 lists at $649.99, and it is available through select major retailer stores and at

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