Google Will Help Women And Minorities Learn Coding For Free

Partnership with Code School augment Google’s Women Techmakers Program

Google Women Techmakers Code School Aminatou Sow

Google's $50 million initiative will go towards its Women Techmakers program, funding Code School programs for women and minorities, as well as other initiatives.

Google’s been on a roll as far as diversity in programming goes. Although only 17% of Google employees are women, it was one of the first tech companies to voluntarily release its diversity numbers, showing a significant dearth in the number of women and minorities at the company, and taking steps to encourage underrepresented groups to explore computer science programs.

At Google I/O, its developer conference, the company had more than 1,000 women developers in attendence, and featured an all-women developer team in Nigeria. In addition to the lottery system it uses to give away tickets, Google gave passes to organizations like Women Who Code and the Anita Borg Institute For Women and Technology.

Now, Google’s Women Techmakers’ initiative is teaming up with Code School to get even more people involved in programming.

Google will pay for three months’ worth of Code School for “thousands of accounts,” according to Code School’s blog.

“Together, our goal is to invest in women and minorities so they can continue developing their technical skill sets,” Code School said. “Having access to self-learning programs (such as Code School) is instrumental in that.”

Google’s inclusive programs are more important than ever, with more information being revealed about the demographics of tech companies in Silicon Valley. In Facebook, Yahoo!, and Google, only 2% of employees are black.

Google isn’t indiscriminately passing out codes though, it’s helping women already inside its development community and Google I/O attendees. You can apply for the program through Google’s Women Techmakers’ program. Already have your code? You can redeem your code on Code School’s page.

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  • BettahBelieveIt

    I am glad articles like this are being posted. As a African american female starting out in IT I can see the lack of resources in the IT career-paths, especially for minorities. There’s finally a push to get girls in IT….but there also needs to be a push to get African american females in IT as well too.

    I’m finding it to be very difficult to get the resources I need, especially job wise. I can’t find any living wages job which is beyond pitiful. I am a 25 year old female from CT and the economy state-wise is bad enough that the state dropped down from 5th place to one of the worst places to find a job. The managers up in CT are taking full-advantage of the sluggish economy here, paying us college students pennies on the dollar with the minimum-wage complex.

    There is more opportunities in the IT. The pay-rate is high and it’s jobs that actually require skills that the average person would be cluseless about. I wish more of those of African-american descent would realize it, that’s why there’s so many Asians involved as well. We need to stop investing our youth into the RAP CRACKLE N POP image. While long ago many of the rappers were about real world a lot of them now are just about fame and fortune. And a lot of them came from the ‘hood’.

    People like Nicki Minaj and Rhinahana are a disgrace. I’m tired of my race looking like a zebra-finch clown, a wannabe lesbo gang-banger pimp, or the constant image of failure and jail projected on our men. Everyone who makes it up the top doesn’t have to clown it out or be under the constant sambo impression that was thrown upon us by oppressors, and the push for abortion and automatic “EBT” association with poverty needs to change. Our problem, due to systemiatic opression, is that we failed through the years to realize our potential with self-doubting created by those who are hateful of human life.

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