Facebook’s Latest Update Will Allow Users to Place Calls to Friends

The social networking site may let you chat for free

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Less than 10 days into the new year, Facebook continues to dominate tech headlines. When news broke that the world’s largest social network was testing out a new feature in Canada that would allow users to place free voice calls to friends, it sparked conversation stateside about if and when it would roll out in the US.

Canadians are now able to make free Internet voice calls, known as VoIP calls, to any Facebook friend. The Root’s tech-life expert Stephanie Humphrey explored the new changes in her latest column on the site:

“The Messenger app already lets you send free text messages to your Facebook friends, and the latest update allows everyone to send free voicemails as well,” said Humphrey. “You will need to install or update the app on your phone, and the people you want to communicate with also have to have the app installed. If successful in Canada, the phone-call feature will roll out to all Facebook users.”

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