Evernote Food Serves Up New Recipe Features, Releases iPad Version

Food 2.0 attempts to provide a “soup to nuts” food experience

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(Image: Evernote)

With 45 million users to date, Evernote continues to expand and branch out with offerings such as its food app and contact management product known as Hello. Well, the company is still beefing up its products, announcing a brand new version of Evernote Food, a recipe app for iOS.  Evernote Food 2.0 is now available on the iPad.

VentureBeat reports:   “With Evernote 2.0, foodies of all persuasions will be able to capture every stage of epicurean pleasure, from the initial inspiration through the preparation process, up to the ‘grande finale’ of the meal. The design takes into consideration that meals often start ‘hours, days, even weeks before you take the first bite.’”

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