Dropbox Revamps Business Features

File hosting service adds new capabilities

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Dropbox’s business-focused offering Dropbox for Teams is now Dropbox for Business, the cloud-based file hosting service announced on Wednesday. In addition to the name change, which comes as the company continues to expand to both large and small businesses; the new features will make things easier for IT managers.

The hosting site has added a highly-requested feature: the ability to allow users to sign into a central identity provider (like Active Directory) just once via SSO–short hand for single sign-on. It means that an employee can sign into Dropbox with the same login information they use for all company services.

Dropbox for Business starts at $795 for up to 5 users. It becomes effective next month.

The service is used in 95% of the Fortune 500 companies and at more than 2 million businesses in total, according to Dropbox.

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