Move Over Apple, Samsung’s Galaxy S3 Is the World’s Best-Selling Smartphone

Short lived or not, the Galaxy S3 is the title-holder in Q3

In many people’s minds, Apple Inc. holds the top spot when it comes to their must-have consumer gadgets. However, recent product announcements and leaked information is evidence that other tech companies are coming for Apple’s spot, and there will be a new tech-world champ–even if it is temporary.

According to research firm Strategy Analytics, Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S3 is now the world’s best-selling smartphone model, based on last quarter data, pushing top-spot holder Apple out of its longtime spot.

Tarmo Virki of Reuters reports that Strategy Analytics estimated Samsung sold 18 million S3 models in the third quarter, compared with iPhone 4S sales of 16.2 million.

“Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has proven wildly popular with consumers and operators across North America, Europe and Asia,” said analyst Neil Mawston, adding the new iPhone 5 would likely reclaim the title for Apple in the current quarter.

While the victory might be short lived, it’s enough to jolt a corporation that has worn the crown for over two years.

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