Is It On Your Radar? 83% of Americans Have No Clue BlackBerry 10 Has Launched

New survey shows most Americans are unaware of the smartphone company’s latest operating system and smartphones

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For a majority of smartphone users, it’s hard to place BlackBerry in the same conversation as Apple or Samsung, however, times are changing. At least that’s what the smartphone company is hoping.

Despite BlackBerry’s rebranding efforts, which included a huge unveil of its next-generation smartphone platform in late January; many people aren’t buying it…literally. is reporting that most Americans don’t even know that the BlackBerry 10 has launched yet, according to a new survey conducted by equity trading and research firm MKM Partners.

Of the 1500 American consumers surveyed, 68% had no interest in purchasing a BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

Smartphone owners make up 51% of the MKM respondents.

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