8 Mobile Apps That Will Increase Your Business Productivity

There's no telling when and where business can happen, so make sure these apps are downloaded on your phone

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We live in the “anywhere” economy where mobile devices are increasing the productivity of entrepreneurs and mobile workers by providing flexible Web access. The benefits of using mobile apps span from reducing the need to commute to the office, to providing access to company files stored online, to enabling workers to sign documents from their iPad, to taking credit card transactions on their iPhones, all while on the go. It’s a digital world and if you’re not up to speed then you’re not even in the race. Here are eight mobile apps that will increase your business productivity. Thank me later.

Dropbox (iPhone/BlackBerry/Android | free/premium option)
Dropbox is an app that allows you to sync and share files online. It enables businesses with multi-member teams to access files real-time.

Evernote (iPhone/BlackBerry/Android | free/premium option)
Evernote is a great app to capture meeting notes, text, photos and Web pages using your mobile device.

DocstoGo (iPhone/BlackBerry/Android | free/premium option)
Documents to Go is a cloud file support app that allows you to view, import, and export Microsoft, Apple iWorks, PDF and other files. Documents To Go also supports other online cloud services: Google Docs, Box.net, Dropbox, iDisk, and SugarSync.

SignMyPad (iPhone/Android | free/premium)
Sign My Pad is a PDF signature app that allows you to download PDF files and modify them with text, a radio button or checkbox, the date and the addition of your signature. This app allows you to save scanning and faxing time by giving you the ability to sign important documents from your touch screen mobile device.

WebEx (iPhone/BlackBerry/Android | premium option)
The WebEx app allows you to access WebEx meetings on your mobile device, wherever you are. This app also gives you full meeting experience with simultaneous data and audio.

Dragon Dictation (iPhone/BlackBerry/Android | free/premium option)
Dragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice recognition app powered by Dragon NaturallySpeaking that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text, email or social network updates on your mobile device.

Square (iPhone/Android | free/premium)
Square is an app that allows you to accept credit card payments anywhere from your mobile device without having a credit card merchant account. All you need is to plug in the free square credit card reader into the headphone jack or type in the credit card number to authorize payments when you are out of the office.

Hootsuite (iPhone/BlackBerry/Android | free/premium option)

Hootsuite is a third party app that allows you to update the status of your social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) simultaneously. Great for real-time engagement with your online communities.

Smartphone’s, tablets and other mobile devices are changing the landscape of business. In 2010 smartphone subscribers comprised 56% of their Web browsing with cell phones. The top app platforms were Android, RIM, and Apple comprising 87.1% of the market share, according to Comscore.

There were 10.9 billion mobile apps downloaded in 2010. Businesses and entrepreneurs alike value the importance of doing business from mobile devices.

What mobile apps do you use to run your business and increase your productivity? Leave a comment and share your favorite apps.

Hajj Flemings is a weekly technology columnist for BlackEnterprise.com, founder of Brand Camp University, and the author of the book Brand YU Life. As a speaker and brand strategist, he works with some of the largest brands, covering the topics of branding and digital technology. Check back next Wednesday for his next column.

  • Felix Lepoutre

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