• Steven Austin

    I don’t know if the items here are enough for me to feel like I should drop my laptop for a board with limiting capabilities. I’d almost argue that a netbook might be a safer compromise…

  • Hannah

    Seriously? I stopped at #3, because both Skype AND Dropbox have been available for Android for almost forever. I hate when tech stores or whatever try to tell me that I can only get X software with Y device, it doesn’t work that way (at least not with Android devices in 95% of cases). This list is crap.

  • Say

    This is a joke of an article. First off, you can do everything on this pitiful list with a laptop already. Having an iPad is convenient, sure, but it is NOT a laptop, nor even CLOSE to a replacement. Apple completely dropped the ball on making a complete independent tablet computer. You can’t comfortably make or edit documents (such as in Word, Excel, HTML, etc), can’t use imagining software like Photoshop (other than dinky contrast controls) or Illustrator, can’t work comfortably in multiple windows/programs, the battery is shit… The list of things that you CAN’T do with an iPad far outnumbers what you CAN do.

  • wat

    in 3 simple words.. Worst article ever!!

  • Tinus

    I happen to have I-Pad for 1 year already, about 4 months ago iwas traveling and needed to build a PPT, i am so thankful that i could stop off at someone that could do it on a PC for me!! The I-pad is a TOY for guys that likes gizmos! Back from my trip i invested in a Gigabyte S1080 slate, it is maybe three times as thick as ipad but the same size. It has Windows pro, Ms Office, USB drives, sd slot, Sim slot, Monitor outlet. a 320 gig hdd.
    Now this is what i call a replacement for the Laptop, for it is a total stand alone!! Check it out on their site I yhink we have been taken for a ride by apple once more!!Bless you

  • Vijesh

    And how many bucks Apple paid u to post this hell of an article. All these reasons are unique only to ipad? I think all these and plenty which are beyond to be done on ipad can be easily done on laptops. The only plus is that it is portable but what about slate PCs….

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