4 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Hashtag

How to pick the right hashtag for a social media marketing campaign

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Small Business advice from Twitter’s FounderWhile your introduction to Twitter hashtags might’ve been commonly used keywords or phrases like #followfriday (or #ff), #tt (which is shorthand for #throwbackthursday ), or #nowplaying (#np), are you still wondering the significance of a hashtag? Social media users use the hashtag symbol (#) before a word or phrase (with no spaces) in their tweet to categorize those tweets, helping them appear more easily in Twitter search.

Brands can use hashtags to track conversations with their online audience, and can result in name exposure and recognition for one’s company.

Here, The Daily Muse outlines four simple tips to choosing an effective hashtag:

Make it lofty and relatable

Pull those heartstrings! And pick a hashtag that is relevant and inspiring on its own, outside of your brand. That way, when it’s wrapped in additional content–like a social media campaign or commercial–it becomes that much more powerful.

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