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What We Learned From Trayvon Martin’s Attorney, Benjamin Crump

On Wednesday, Aug. 3, Black Enterprise held a Twitter Chat with Michael Brown and Trayvon…

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George Zimmerman Tries to Fund Fight Against Black Lives Matter, Auctions Gun Used to Kill Trayvon Martin

The acquitted killer George Zimmerman attempted to sell his firearm online

George Zimmerman, the man who fatally shot unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012 and…

By Carolyn M. Brown

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Black Lives Matter

Human Rights Day: Celebrate Today Around the World

U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights states, "Many challenges remain"

Today, Dec. 10, is Human Rights Day, celebrating and remembering the day that our country…

By Cristie Leondis

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BlackLivesMatter: The Young Woman Behind the Hashtag

Alicia Garza uses her voice and social media to fight for human rights

Alicia Garza is the 34-year-old who inspired the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. Upon her discovery that George…

By Essence Gant

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Justice Department Files No Federal Charges Against George Zimmerman in Death of Trayvon Martin

The federal department says there wasn't enough evidence for federal civil rights charges

Justice Department files no federal civil rights charges against George Zimmerman in the fatal shooting…

By Courtney Connley

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Black Lives Matter: Trayvon Martin Foundation to Host Remembrance Weekend

The Trayvon Martin Foundation organize march and dinner to honor slain teen

The Trayvon Martin Foundation is scheduled to host its annual “I Am Trayvon” Peace Walk…

By Christine Edmond

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Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum Speaks on Race and Women of Power

The 2015 Legacy Award recipient talks retirement, Trayvon Martin, and Jordan Davis

2015 Legacy Award recipient Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum laughs with excitement over attending Black Enterprise’s…

By Raqiyah Mays

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Trayvon Martin’s Brother Celebrates Graduating From College

Jahvaris Fulton, 22, earned his BS in Information Technology

The tragic events that have been rooted in judgment and ignorance have claimed the lives…

By Kevin L. Clark (@KevitoClark)

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Jordan Davis Assailant, Michael Dunn, Found Guilty Of First-Degree Murder

The 47-year-old Floridian cited 'Stand Your Ground' but was found responsible.

47-year-old Michael Dunn has been found guilty of killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis and will face…

By Kevin L. Clark (@KevitoClark)

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LIVE: Watch Michael Brown’s Funeral As Community Pays Its Respect

Streaming live from Ferguson, Missouri

Michael Brown’s homecoming is today (Aug. 25), as the 18-year-old was shot dead by police…

By Kevin L. Clark (@KevitoClark)

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When Will Police Stop Murdering Unarmed Black Men?

Each of us must take a stand each and every day to make the point that black lives matter

According to the FBI’s most recent accounts of “justifiable homicide,” in the seven years between…

By Earl G. Graves, Sr.

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Perspectives: 10 Candid Thoughts About #PostRacialAmerica

Twitter users weigh in about today's prejudices after Michael Brown shooting

President Barack Obama addressed the nation Aug. 18 about events that transpired in the U.S.…

By Kevin L. Clark (@KevitoClark)

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Sybrina Fulton Writes Heartfelt Letter to Michael Brown’s Family

Trayvon Martin's mother tells family their son's life will not be in vain

Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, wrote a heartfelt letter to the family of slain…

By Courtney Connley

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Black Lives Matter: A Tribute to Black Men Killed By Police

We must stand up and protect ourselves

Michael Brown is the latest name added to a list of victims whose lives were…

By Kevin L. Clark (@KevitoClark)

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Trayvon Martin’s Mother Sybrina Fulton Calls Out America

Is unconvinced that America is dedicated to fighting racism

As the media continues to opine over the results of Michael Brown’s autopsy, Sybrina Fulton…

By Kevin L. Clark (@KevitoClark)

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Two Reporters Arrested, Detained In Ferguson, Mo.

Protests after the shooting of Michael Brown met with extreme police response

Two reporters, one Black and one White, were arrested and detained in a McDonald’s located…

By Kevin L. Clark (@KevitoClark)

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10 Most Heartbreaking #IfIWasGunnedDown Tweets You Should See

Events in Ferguson, Missouri have spawned outrage and trending topic

Things are already becoming a lot worse for people in Ferguson, Missouri, before anything has…

By Kevin L. Clark (@KevitoClark)

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Michael Brown Shooting: NAACP Issues Statement

Reports say the unarmed 18-year-old was killed in his neighborhood

The death of Michael Brown at the hands of a Ferguson police officer outside an…

By Kevin L. Clark (@KevitoClark)

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15 Most Influential #BlackLifeMatters Tweets You Should See

The latest shootings have the public and activists in an uproar

On the eve of 18-year-old Michael Brown’s death at the hands of St. Louis police,…

By Kevin L. Clark (@KevitoClark)

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George Zimmerman’s New Job? Security At a Gun Store

Trayvon Martin's attacker has authority, a badge and access to firearms

Trayvon Martin’s shooter, George Zimmerman, has a new job working as security at a place…

By Kevin L. Clark (@KevitoClark)

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