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10 History-Making AKAs You Don’t Know But Should

Today, Alpha Kappa Alphas around the world are skee-weeing to the heavens as they celebrate…

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Decoded: 6 Made-For-TV Biopics and Why We Loved (or Hated) Them

As the public awaits the Whitney Houston film, check out this breakdown of past hits

With Lifetime’s Whitney Houston set to debut in 2015, here’s a breakdown of six other…

By Kandia Johnson

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Female Leaders Winning: Suzanne de Passe, Making Strides in Entertainment

A spotlight on the journey of a true woman of power

Suzanne de Passe, a Legacy Award honoree at the 200Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit,…

By Raqiyah Mays

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Women of Power Legacy Award Winners…of the Past

As we gear up for the 2012 Women of Power Summit, Black Enterprise remembers Legacy Award winners of the past

As we gear up for the 2012 Women of Power Summit, Black Enterprise remembers Legacy…

By Sasha King

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African Americans In Media

A discussion answers the question: Are African Americans fading to black in the world of…


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How To

hire talent

How to Hire Talent That Will Complement Your Team and Culture

People make the difference. You can have incredible systems and procedures in place, the right software…

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How to Deal With Grief While at Work

Regardless of where you live in the world, all of us in some way have…

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