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Mothers of the Movement: Clinton Will Say Our Children’s Name

In the fight for justice and acknowledging the humanity of African Americans, these women trust…

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Trump’s Convention Address: Talking Loud and Saying Nothing

Rather than turn the page and speak to a broader audience, Trump doubled down on the divisive issues and language from the primaries

As the convention sets are torn down, Ubers are cued up, and lines of departing…

By Corey Ealons

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Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump

At a press conference held at the Trump-owned Mar-A-Lago resort, Carson threw his support behind his former rival for the GOP nomination

On Friday, former presidential candidate Ben Carson formally endorsed Donald Trump for the GOP presidential…

By Hailey Wallace

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South Carolina flag

[OP-ED] Why South Carolina Matters: Ideology On the Right and Demographics On the Left

Former White House Spokesperson for President Obama Gives His Take on SC

South Carolina plays a crucial role in primary season because it serves as an ideological…


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Fourth GOP Debate: 4 Things to Watch For

B.E.’s guide to this debate's hot topics’s guide to what to look for during tonight’s fourth GOP debate.


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The GOP Has a Problem With … Empty Podiums

The coalition of candidates behind the GOP debate revolt has already begun to unravel

On Sunday night, representatives for the Republican presidential candidates convened in Washington, D.C. to discuss…


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BE Bytes – October 25-30, 2015

A wrap-up of the most buzzed-about and relevant tech news of the week

A week-end’s look at what’s trending in tech.

By Samara Lynn

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[DC Report] GOP Unites Behind Paul Ryan for Speaker

With the endorsement of the House Freedom Caucus, Ryan is expected to be confirmed as the next Speaker of House

As a former vice presidential candidate, and current chair of the House Committee on Ways…

By Hailey Wallace

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Make America Native Again

Donald Trump to Speak with Black Business Owners in South Carolina

Other speakers include Karen Finney, senior spokesperson for Hillary Clinton

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and legislators are expected to attend the event, as…

By Janell Hazelwood

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New Data Shows House Republican Bill Could Cut Billions in Funding for Minority Students

School districts serving black and Hispanic students could be hit the hardest by budget cuts

Data from the U.S. Department of Education shows a proposed bill by the House Republicans…

By Courtney Connley

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History Making Black Republicans Honored in Washington, D.C.

Three U.S. reps were honored during an afternoon of celebration

The Republican National Committee (RNC) hosted their 3rd Annual Black Republican Trailblazer Awards luncheon in…

By Cristie Leondis

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Ben Carson Kicking Off 2016 Presidential Run

Retired pediatric neurosurgeon to release 40-minute video campaign ad

Retired pediatric neurosurgeon set to release 40-minute video campaign ad for 2016 presidential election.

By Richard Spiropoulos

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Making History: Republican Sen. Tim Scott’s Journey to Re-election

Scott first African-American senator to win election in the South since Reconstruction

South Carolina’s Tim Scott on Tuesday became the first African-American senator to win election in…

By Carolyn M. Brown

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john boehner speaking

G.O.P. Goes After Women’s Abortion Access, Again

Not all Republicans think it's a good idea to revive debate on rape and abortion

House Republicans will vote on the most restrictive abortion bill to come to the floor…

By Aaron Morrison

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be news

Conservative Website Makes ‘HNIC’ Reference

HNIC stands for "Head [n-word] in charge"

The Daily Caller tweets, then deletes a shorthand for the N-word

By Makkada B. Selah

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We Can’t Let Washington Wreck Our Businesses

Within the next few weeks, the federal government is expected to make spending cuts that will inevitably hurt legions of small businesses

African Americans will more than likely feel the most severe pain.

By Derek T. Dingle

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Smoothie Shop Owner Charges “Liberals” More in Store

What do you think of this store owner's pricing?

Owner points to a menu that lists 16 oz. juices and smoothies as $4.95 for…

By Black Enterprise

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Small Business and The JOBS Act: One Year Later

8 Ways for Obama to Help Minority Businesses Create Jobs

According to minority leaders and advocates, Obama's promises from his first term were never met.

Raul Espinosa’s says he will push for President Obama to pay more attention to minority…

By C. Daniel Baker

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Poll Watcher Caught On Video Expressing Suspicions About Black Voters

Man: 'I saw "double or triple the amount" of people of color that I see at the mall.'

Did you see any poll watchers acting like this Colorado one did?

By Laurence Afums

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Will White Supremacist Groups Spark a Race War if Obama Wins?

Do you fear what may happen if Obama is re-elected?

Do you fear what may happen if Obama is re-elected?

By Makkada B. Selah

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How To

hire talent

How to Hire Talent That Will Complement Your Team and Culture

People make the difference. You can have incredible systems and procedures in place, the right software…

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How to Deal With Grief While at Work

Regardless of where you live in the world, all of us in some way have…

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