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New York GOP

New York GOP Breakfast to Energize and Kickstart

The former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was the first of three to take the stage…

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GOP Perseveres Despite Day-One Challenges

The talk of the media and 'main street' has shifted away from talking about the brief convention floor protest to the similarities of a few lines of a speech

The talk of the media and ‘main street’ has shifted away from talking about the…

By John Burnett

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Trump Picked a White Supremacist to be a Delegate

Donald Trump's campaign selected a well-known white nationalist to serve as a California delegate

Donald Trump picked a white supremacist. His campaign selected the well-known nationalist to serve…

By Hailey Wallace

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Secret Service: No, You Cannot Bring Your Guns to the GOP Convention

Secret Service vetoes any plans to allow guns into the GOP Convention

Over the weekend a petition made headlines by calling for the allowance of open…

By Hailey Wallace

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By The Numbers: Delegate Count

Here's the latest update on where the candidates stand

Here’s an update on where the candidate stand so far in the delegate count.

By Hailey Wallace

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GOP Refusing to Allow Hearing for Obama’s SCOTUS Pick, Merrick Garland

After praising the Obama SCOTUS pick during his nomination to the D.C. Circuit Court, the same GOP leaders are now trying to block Merrick Garland

After weeks of speculation, President Obama has nominated D.C. Circuit Court Judge, Merrick Garland, to…

By Hailey Wallace

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Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump

At a press conference held at the Trump-owned Mar-A-Lago resort, Carson threw his support behind his former rival for the GOP nomination

On Friday, former presidential candidate Ben Carson formally endorsed Donald Trump for the GOP presidential…

By Hailey Wallace

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Colin Powell: There’s a Level of Intolerance in Some Parts of the Republican Party

Former Secretary of State, Colin Powell, speaks on Nancy Reagan, intolerance within his party, and the reality show that is the GOP primary

Gen. Colin Powell, the first black Secretary of State, and former chairman of the Joint…

By Hailey Wallace

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For Clinton and Sanders, Nomination May Be All Over But the Shouting After Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday analysis from a Democratic insider

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can expect a very good day on Super Tuesday…


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GOP Super Tuesday for Some and Possibly Super Doomsday for Others

Super Tuesday analysis from a GOP insider

The stage is set for the GOP Super Tuesday primaries, with polls showing Trump’s commanding…


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[BREAKING NEWS] Chris Christie Endorses Trump And Why It Shouldn’t Surprise You

After the humiliating end of a once-promising campaign, the "tell it like it is" governor throws his support to Trump

On Friday morning, New Jersey governor and former presidential candidate Chris Christie endorsed current GOP…

By Hailey Wallace

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South Carolina flag

[OP-ED] Why South Carolina Matters: Ideology On the Right and Demographics On the Left

Former White House Spokesperson for President Obama Gives His Take on SC

South Carolina plays a crucial role in primary season because it serves as an ideological…


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Ohio Governor John Kasich

A Conversation With John Kasich

BE Politics caught up with the GOP presidential candidate to talk criminal justice reform, black small business, healthcare, and more

John Kasich, the two-term current governor of Ohio, has built his campaign on the message…

By Hailey Wallace

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RNC Chairman Reince Priebus (Wikipedia, Photo by Gage Skidmore)

EXCLUSIVE: RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to Host 4th Annual Black Republican Trailblazer Awards

Former HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson receives this year's award

This year’s theme is Pursuing the Promise. Notable GOP heavyweights will convene to watch RNC…

By Hailey Wallace

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4 Takeaways From Last GOP Debate Before Iowa

What we learned from the first Trump-less GOP debate

In the absence of Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz took on the mantle of the zealous…

By Hailey Wallace

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Ben Carson seated before American flag

Can Ben Carson Pull Off An Upset in the Iowa Caucus?

In exclusive interview, GOP hopeful shares plan to win black voters

Carson is hitting the comeback trail by expanding his outreach and using opportunities like last…

By Derek T. Dingle

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[Watch] GOP Candidate Ben Carson Talks Interest Rates and Income Gap

Candidate speaks ahead of Fed meeting, Tues and Wed, to decide next move on rates

As a financial journalist for nearly 2 decades you begin to see how much of…

By Stacey Tisdale

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A Closer Look At the Message Behind Gov. Nikki Haley’s State of the Union Rebuttal

SC Gov. Nikki Haley's epic SOTU response and why it matters

At first glance, Nikki Haley may seem like a typical GOP politician. She is a…

By Hailey Wallace

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[WATCH] Heckling Leads to Scuffle at Trump Rally in Vegas

Protesters voice opinions and are escorted out to shouts that include Nazi-era salute

Donald Trump held a rally in Las Vegas on Monday, the eve of the last…

By Janell Hazelwood

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Huckabee and Christie Kicked Off GOP Debate Main Stage

After failing to scrape together the required 2.5% national polling average, Huckabee and Christie have been bumped

Both New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee have been demoted from the Fox…

By Hailey Wallace

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How to Hire Talent That Will Complement Your Team and Culture

People make the difference. You can have incredible systems and procedures in place, the right software…

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Regardless of where you live in the world, all of us in some way have…

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